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Vacation Bible School

Our Vacation Bible School this year had the theme:" One-of-A-Kind Zoo." It was held from July 29th-Aug 2nd. Our director for the VBS program prayed early on that 25 children would attend. Her prayer was answered as we achieved our goal of 25 children. God has blessed our time together and one of the young girls that attended has been coming to church every Sabbath since then. She has also started attending prayer meeting. This is the reason we have VBS. One child is attending our church and learning about God just because we were willing to open the doors through Vacation Bible School. We thank the Lord for His wonderful blessings.

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Katie & Camron Keefer Baptism

Katie and Camron Keefer are brother and sister who have attended Woodland Adventist School, our local school. In the 2012 school year a group of kids were studying with Pastor Joel Nephew, the previous pastor, and Mrs. Cathy Buell, the school teacher and principal. During this time a transition was taking place. The new Pastor, Peter Iwankiw, continued studying with the children and two children decided that they would like to be baptized, they were Katie and Camron Keefer. As the baptism was planned, the children expressed a desire for an outdoor baptism. Ed Trubey, a member of the Burlington church, has a river which he made available for this special occasion. On June 8th of 2013, Citronella torches were set in place while family and friends made their way to the river through a forest trail. Katie and Camron also made their way down to the river bank. As they stood there and prepared to go under water, you could hear the peaceful river behind us which reminded us of the Peace that God wants to give us when we commit our lives to Him. Overall, it was a very beautiful and intimate experience as heaven rejoiced with us that Sabbath afternoon. We ask that you pray for Katie and Camron as they continue to follow Christ.